When you empower an  employee personally everyone wins!

Students, staff, owners, managers, police, doctors, clerical, teachers……. ANYONE!

Everyone wins when you develop a quality employee as opposed to trying to find one. The Third Draft has created a 3-hour program where the curriculum is not business oriented. It’s character based. Its foundation is communication skills and the workshop includes problem solving, accepting responsibility, the benefits of employee vs ownership, culture gaps, personal leadership, mutual loyalty, adopting communication skills through understanding social styles, and interaction as opposed to saying things like “Let me know if you have any questions.”

The goal: If people understand and appreciate the benefit of being able to spend time doing something that has a way to pay for their needs and provide for their family, they’ll be more motivated and focused on doing better work.

Company benefit: Most training is avoided because of costs. At a minimal cost to a company compared to most available training options, if someone improves communication and on-the-job efficiency by even a small amount, everyone comes out ahead!

Dates, details, locations and times TBA:

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