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The Third Draft is a self-funded non-profit private educational system for all ages and all career paths. Workshops and seminars focus on interaction with others, basic communication, and personal character. Our workshops help lead people from basic survival to establishing a foundation, to understanding how to make things happen, and on to a life of significance.

The Third Draft is not about “achieving” success. It’s about growing personal character and increasing your odds. And nothing we do is available online. It’s all live and interactive.

Our goals:

1- To decrease the amount of America’s working majority who end up dead, broke, still working, and/or dependent on family or charity at age 65.

2- To develop a program for high schools and correctional facilities where people can learn basic principles of “How to make things happen.”


The last two or three decades have offered poor quality role models or examples for younger people to learn from. When couples realize communication takes work, they separate. People spend money on things they don’t need with money they don’t have, sometimes to impress people they don’t even like, then end up broke blaming their sufferings on an outside source. Kids see this, and follow.

Our “Why” is not because of what is happening now, it’s because of where society will be in 25-30 years if this doesn’t change.  



Our mission:

Understanding our “mission” would ask you to consider what enables the entrepreneur to get results. We don’t see historical videos or documentaries on people such as Richard Branson or Steve Jobs talking about accounting software or scheduling staff. We hear about their struggles and challenges and we’re attracted to how they learned to win. People crave to learn how they faced adversity and solved problems. We hear about how they deal with personal fears, break habits, and learn from mistakes.

So our mission is “to encourage, develop and grow character.”


Forget what you think you know, eliminate blame, learn new habits, and let the Third Draft help you create a new footprint in the world!


The Third Draft