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The Third Draft has multiple facets. In a nutshell; it’s an educational program that bridges the gap between school and life. Our focus is the concept of removing business from the world of entrepreneurism and exploring what’s left. While the act of entrepreneurism is associated to business, the Third Draft is more about what goes on in an entrepreneur’s mind, and how you can apply that to all facets of your life.

Curriculum reflects a business platform, but it doesn’t focus on business tactics. It’s more about the concept of “thinking” like an entrepreneur. It’s about adopting an entrepreneur’s mentality.

Curriculum includes problem solving, identifying fears, overcoming personal challenges, creative thinking, seeing things different, creating personal habits (or breaking old ones), and working through personal and/or emotional challenges. Life is a presentation, whether you’re dating or getting a speeding ticket, so there’s a lot of speaking and “presentation” skills. It’s not classes with tests, it’s more about “here’s how you can apply this information to multiple areas of your life.”     

The goal: Most people turn 65 dead, broke, and/or dependant on family or charity in their older years. Our goal is to reduce that percentage by teaching people to “Think like an entrepreneur” in all facets of their life.  

1- A free program for students, and younger people in general. Lots of homework, lots of presentations and speaking, learning what you’re good at, and lots of great skills that can be applied to multiple facets of your life. We call this “Bridging the gap between school and life.”

2- Our “LOE” business classes, (Layers Of Entrepreneurism.) This has been created as more of a community service, a minimal per-person fee only covers in-house expenses. Anyone can take our business course where the structure of a proper business plan is not the main, or only, focus. We go over, in detail, what really goes on in an entrepreneur’s world. When this is over, you’ll have a tight grip on the difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur. A lot of advanced business owners learn a lot from what we cover, it’s perfect for a soon-to-be business owner, plus an employee would benefit by understanding what goes on behind the scenes of a company.  

3- An advanced life-skills class for high schools. We’re writing curriculum being submitted to the school system to make “The Third Draft” a high school class. One of our long term goals as an organization is to incorporate HOW to think into our educational system, as opposed to WHAT to think.  

4- An adult curriculum is being written. Most adults were never taught the basics of “How to win.” The more adults know, the more can be passed on to future generations. This would be an intense “how-to-win” education for all ages.

“Nothing in the form of classes is available online. We’re not focused on “digital” in the form of webinars and podcasts, though this will be part of the system. Our foundational efforts are going into what the human race needs to survive, and one thing we’re lacking, and something we NEED to survive as a species, is to be better connected as people. Personal presentation skills, interacting with people, communication skills and abilities, reading body language, discovering and engaging our fears, etc. The “future” is not digital. We have digital. The future is connecting people and getting back in touch with what makes us do what we do. Push buttons all you like, but if you learn how to interact with people, and learn how to think like an entrepreneur, and you’ll win every time!”

- Jim Griffiths

Founder, Third Draft        

The name “Third Draft” comes from the concept of writing a speech. A first draft is rough notes, the second is ready to talk about, but that Third Draft delivers a message that reaches people on an emotional level. It’s something they don’t just hear. They FEEL it.  

In life, our first draft would include school, figuring out who we are and what we want to do, dating, and discovering new things. The second draft of our life is about making career choices, deciding who you want to spend your life with, where you want to live, and what you believe. You start on a path of where you want to go.

The Third Draft is when you go from good to great, and create character within yourself that will prevent you from being a statistic where most turn 65 dead, broke, and/or dependant on government or charity in older years.

Don’t let your life be a second draft.