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Jim Griffiths ran away from home young and quit school to join a rock-band 3,000 miles away, after getting kicked out of the military, all prior to turning 18. In his early twenties he found himself commercial fishing in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, contemplating the future. He knew if he didn’t return to the lower states and at least try to overcome his personal adversities, he’d most likely regret it for the rest of his life.  

Inspired and motivated by extraordinary mentors, he went on to conquer insecurities and fears which led to being successful in business at a young age. He adopted what he refers to as the “Traits of an Entrepreneur” and has turned this into a unique curriculum for an employee engagement workshop.  

He has also developed a non-profit “arm” to the organization which helps Veterans understand the traits and habits of an entrepreneur.

What it took to get from A to B is not the same as what it will take to get from B to C. It’s time to make some changes, develop new habits, and set a new course. Learn to think like an entrepreneur, whether you’re in business or not, and you’ll find yourself on track.”

His stories are motivational, exciting, and as he says, “Like a grocery store…. there’s a little something for everyone.


In 2017 Jim wrote and published the book “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do Ita collection of his life from Key Largo to Alaska explaining how mentors helped him learn how to overcome fears and make things happen.

Current personal info:

- Residence: SW Florida / S. Carolina

- Founder/Publisher: Nautical Mile, Inc.

- Founder/President: Third Draft,   Employee Engagement Workshops  

- Founder/President: Veteraneur, Inc.   501(c)(3)

- Writer: “My Dog Bo” - Children’s   books in memory of Jim’s dog.

- Lee County Sheriff’s Office: - Volunteer

- Lee and Collier County School System:

   Volunteer in high school classes


Mailing address:

PO Box 486

Bokeelia, Fl. 33922